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L '"ABBOCCATORE," bite indicator LED 

Alerted to 360 °, in fishing remains off, with the vibrations of bites flashes, and if the fish is to ground the line in sending notice a steady light.In almost calm sea conditions report also eat crabs!  Being particularly slender does not create entanglement in the launch and usually, you can leave it mounted.

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Short video explaining the operation dell'abboccatore



Full video that explains how it is done, sensitivity adjustment, etc. ..


Video: Launch with warning device fitted, not convoluted, does not fly, does not move

Video made by users "quellidellapesca." to test its effectiveness.

The sensitivity is adjusted with the angle in which it is left in the barrel fishing rod or tripod, making it remain more or less inclined to the vertical. It 'better to use the pickets; on the tripod with the vibrations of bites on a reed, both begin to blink. 

Using different colors you can easily manage multiple barrels, the flashes are seen at more than 300 meters away. Economic with two drains because you are going to catch dozens and dozens of times without tiring the eyes, when you move the tip flashes if spiomba, that the fish is ground, a steady light. surfcasting 

It is recommended to mount the detector near dell'apicale, as it will be the higher sensitivity and less likely that the wire when in the notice, after launching, go to position laterally. 

With the aid of the figures below we explain the simple operation-use dell'abboccatore: 

You plant the rod almost vertical inclination in all of us usual, inserting the rod in the rod with that tilt the LED remains lit, as in the detector, the ball touching the poles of the batteries 2 closes the electrical contact. This condition that is LED lit, you will also have the fish when the line heading towards the ground, smashing it to let up call.

Sensitivity Adjustment: As is known, putting tension on the wire, the tip flexes up to a certain point, then rise again spiombando of a bit, and then using the same grammage your tip always tilts of that much. If when you put tension on the wire, the LED remains on, it means that you have to tilt a little picket forward, forcing him on the sand, then put in tension. Adjust the tilt of the peg until the LED goes off to stay with the thread tension.

The slope varies depending on the stiffness of the rod and the weight of the lead that you are using. 

By matching the angle at which the LED is just off with the maximum voltage allowed by the lead, you will have the highest sensitivity in this condition indicates the bites of fish from 6 cm with more than 130 yards of fishing line in the water. 

Inside the buzzer, the ball rolling opens the electrical contact and the LED goes out, in this condition it is in fishing, off, and with the utmost sensitivity. It 'a sufficient movement of 0.3 mm of the tip in the direction of the wire to make it blink. (any lateral vibrations generated by the wind do not blink because the electrical contact is established only on the front)

In the figure above, further increasing the angle the ball will need to go to a higher oscillation touch the pins of the 2 batteries and flash the LED in this position, the detector has a lower sensitivity then use in rough seas. 

Whereas fishing is off, only blinks with the bite and in the stages of launching and recovery, to a fisherman average the batteries should last a year and a half / two years of fishing. 


The alerter is removable for replacement of the batteries, and is composed of two shells which mate one within the other, a gasket between the two shells that makes it impermeable, a screw ensures the coupling. We used high-grade materials to give a long life to the detector, we recommend proper disposal of packaging and the batteries used, also note that it is intended for use by adults, as it is composed of small parts subject to ingestion by children . tarlight, boating accessories, fishing rods, fishing accessories production, bottom fishing, fishing accessories, fishing reel, shimano reel, rod holders, surfcasting, sea fishing, surf casting 

It is equipped with 2 supports extremely tapered, not hinder the launch, and allow quick mounting on the tip ends of the thin ledgering, diameter 1.0 up to 3.75 - 4.00 mm of broken reeds. 

The colored boxes, which also contain the two supports in the direction of the ball have a small magnet that blocks the function, allowing you to carry it in your pocket in any position.

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